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Physalis Peruviana

The dried cape gooseberry is one of the fruits of this type with the highest fiber content; In addition to having different vitamins and nutrients, it contains calcium that acts as an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system, helps maintain healthy skin, and reduces blood pressure.

The dried cape gooseberry has an intense acid flavor with a touch of sweetness, which makes it an excellent accompaniment to numerous nuts. It can be a perfect snack to enjoy between meals.

Indications to keep it fresh

Store at a temperature of 0 to 12 °C

Store in a cool, dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Properties and Benefits

  • Dried cape gooseberry is an excellent source of provitamin A and rich in vitamin C, it has some of the vitamin B complex and also contains protein and phosphorus.

  • The main properties of cape gooseberry for health are: Antioxidant, diuretic, satiating and with negative calories, mild laxative, moisturizing as well as slimming.

  • Nutrients are conserved up to 80% in provitamin A, B complex vitamins such as B1 and B3, and antioxidants.

Suggestions for Recipes and Dishes

  • Dried fruits are the perfect substitute and are taken as a healthy snack.

  • They serve us to eat between meals, to mix with other ingredients for breakfast, snacks and with various recipes, especially salads.

  • Its consumption is perfect for snacks, garnishes and decorations.

  • It is perfect to accompany cocktails and drinks.


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